Top 5 Tips For Hiring A Wedding Videographer In Toronto

Top 5 Tips When Hiring A Wedding Videographer

Most newly engaged couples planning their wedding ask themselves, “What should we look for in a Wedding Videographer?”

That’s a good question! When it comes to deciding on wedding videography or selecting a wedding videographer, there are quite a few things to consider. Most couples aren’t even aware what they should look for to capture their big day and so we’ve gathered up our top tips to help you make your decision.

1. Pros Know Their Audio

Many companies will shoot your wedding and return a highlight reel of all the best moments from the big day…but wait…where’s the audio? Make sure you hear clean audio sources for your Wedding Ceremony and Reception by asking your ‘wedding videographer-to-be’ if they use equipment such as wireless mics and digital recorders to capture every word of those vows and speeches!

2. Do You Like What You See?

Does your videographer know how to tell a good story in a visually organic way? Do they use complimentary music to match the moment? Do they use complimentary effects and soundbites that make you watch and listen in an engaged way? Be sure to watch multiple samples, both short highlight reels and longer feature wedding videos of any company’s work and see that it has the look and feel you are looking for before saying “I do!”.

3. Calling For Backup

Any professional should always have a comparable backup for all the important gear they need on your day. Ask your potential wedding videographer if they have backup cameras, tripods, audio equipment, etc.. Having this covered is peace of mind you should have when you only have one chance to capture those special moments.

4. Are They A Team Player?

Do your wedding videographers shoot alone or as a team? We fully recommend hiring a team of two shooters for at least your ceremony if not for the entire day as you can’t always control when a camera may be blocked by a guest for example. Some moments, like your first kiss as a new couple…just can’t be captured again and having a second shooter will give you piece of mind that nothing will be missed for those big moments.

5. Keeping Your Memories Safe

Our practice is to always back up our couples wedding shoots in at least two separate places. We fully recommend all couples considering videography services to make sure their wedding videographer has storage onsite and offsite to protect your data until your final product is delivered. If they can’t promise this you are leaving your precious memories at risk!

Overall, for any couple considering having their wedding filmed is to not sacrifice quality for price. Budget is always a concern for couples, so we recommend consulting with your potential wedding videographer to develop a custom quote to maximize your time with them and potentially save some money. Any good company will do their best to try to meet your needs and give you a great product if you take the time to ask.

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– L & B

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