One of the most interesting moments during the bride and groom prep is when the couple exchange some last words before walking down the aisle.

It was touching to see Antoniette become emotional while reading her card from Daniel, especially when he mentioned how she made him laugh…and how it reminded him of their first date at the movies.  It’s such an amazing thing to capture the bride and groom’s reaction on video, truly priceless! ;)

With emotions running high, they expressed their commitment and exchanged their vows.  You really can’t help but see that they meant every word of them and feel the genuine love they have for each other.

LaPointeProductionsAfter their wedding ceremony, we captured the newlyweds throughout the beautiful Kleinburg area, with lots of quaint stores, classic cars, beautiful weather and a couple smiling from ear-to-ear you couldn’t ask for better conditions to shoot in!   It also just happened to be the same day as the Bindertwine Festival, so there was quite an audience for Daniel and Antoniette…but who can blame people for stopping, they looked fantastic!

The reception was staged beautifully at the Royalton in Woodbridge, Ontario, the perfect background to see friends and family witness the happy couple dance together as husband and wife for the very first time.  

We wish Antoniette & Daniel all the best on their adventures in life, it was a pleasure to document their day!

Happiness, Joy & Love,

B & L



Sunita moved to Toronto from the mid-west and found her one and only, Amit!  You could really see and feel their connection for each other…a match made in heaven =)


Their wedding reception was held at the Palais Royale in Toronto.  Their guests had an awesome time in our video / photo booth!  We had fun props for all ages to wear and some had such a good time that they have forgotten to take them off on their way back to the dance floor! ;)   Their loved ones had a lot to say about the bride and groom…the testimonials were very funny, quirky and loving…everything from great words of advice to singing songs dedicated to the happy couple!

We wish Sunita & Amit happiness, joy & love in their marriage together!




It was great to finally meet Tiana & Steve in person as we had only met over Skype during our initial wedding consultation!

It certainly wasn’t hard to tell how much love they have for each other, especially once Tiana took her first steps down the aisle and Steve set his eyes on his bride for the very first time…there’s always something magical about that ‘first look’!

Their entire day was filled with a wonderful sense of happiness, joy & love, which is shown in their highlight reel!

We wish Tiana & Steve all the very best and we’re sure they will have a long and happy life together.

- B & L

Venue: Mississauga Convention Centre
Post-Ceremony (Park): Mississauga Civic Centre
Wedding Planners: Isabelle Annalise Weddings

Post Secondary is Possible | Toronto

Post Secondary is Possible! Youth Testimonials on Post-Secondary Education

In 2013, LaPointe Productions teamed up with The Council of Educators of Toronto (CET) to help promote and rebrand their website with some creative promotional videos.

CET is a non-profit organization that works with educational institutions to encourage better student-program matches in order to make the pathways to post-secondary education much easier.

Focusing on their motto of “Post-Secondary is Possible,” we worked with CET to really enhance the personal stories of both past and present students. After much discussion, we were able to create a dynamic narrative that really showcased the inspiring achievements and obstacles that these students have overcome.

CET’s vision is “to enhance access to post-secondary for underserved youth in priority neighbourhoods and other areas in Toronto where needs exist.” For more information, please feel free to look at CET’s website: