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Post Secondary is Possible! Youth Testimonials on Post-Secondary Education

In 2013, LaPointe Productions teamed up with The Council of Educators of Toronto (CET) to help promote and rebrand their website with some creative promotional videos.

CET is a non-profit organization that works with educational institutions to encourage better student-program matches in order to make the pathways to post-secondary education much easier.

Focusing on their motto of “Post-Secondary is Possible,” we worked with CET to really enhance the personal stories of both past and present students. After much discussion, we were able to create a dynamic narrative that really showcased the inspiring achievements and obstacles that these students have overcome.

CET’s vision is “to enhance access to post-secondary for underserved youth in priority neighbourhoods and other areas in Toronto where needs exist.” For more information, please feel free to look at CET’s website:

Brad & Kristen | “Love Story” Coming Soon!

It was awesome to hear Brad & Kristen’s “love story” from their engagement shoot, yesterday!  Brad & Kristen met back in 2008, when Kristen was visiting friends in Toronto.  A friendship sparked that quickly turned into love, eventually bringing Kristen all the way from Edmonton to Toronto where Brad popped the big question!
During the shoot around Liberty Village and Humber Bay Park, it was clear to see how much love they have for each other and that they can’t wait for their wedding day to finally arrive. The full ‘love story’ video is coming soon, so in the meantime please enjoy a few moments from the shoot. They both look fantastic and we wish Brad & Kristen all the best on their big day =)

Happiness, Joy & Love,

B & L

Nancy & Fahad | Graydon Hall Manor | Toronto

LaPointe Productions

I couldn’t believe that Nancy is all grown-up and found her prince charming!  Her older sister Michelle and I were in a couple of classes together in elementary school.  I remember the time when I saw Michelle and her little munch-kin sister Nancy playing with each other and wished I too had a younger sister.  We all grew-up in the same neighbourhood for more than 25 years.  Wow, time has truly flown by so quickly!!!

Fast forward to Nancy & Fahad’s wedding day, we knew that both had a busy day ahead with two wedding ceremonies in one day!  One was held at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Scarborough and the Muslim ceremony was performed in a beautiful setting in Graydon Hall Manor, which was built in 1936 in Toronto.  Although they are from two different religions, we wanted to highlight the one thing they had in common in their video, which was Nancy & Fahad’s love for one another!

We were extremely blessed when the rain finally stopped, which gave us an opportunity to capture a few moments of Nancy & Fahad together as “husband and wife” outside in the luscious green garden at the back of the gorgeous estate.

It’s such a great feeling to know that Fahad will take great care of Nancy.  We wish them both the very best in their marriage together!

Happiness, Joy & Love,


Kim & Nuno | Hart House, University of Toronto

We were very blessed to have met Kim and Nuno into our lives!  We were thrilled by the fact that they both loved the videos shown on our website!!!  When they came over for a consultation, they were even more impressed when we viewed our work in person, which made them feel extremely connected to our videos.  They could really envision themselves getting married while watching our other couples’ cinematic highlight reels and feature wedding films!  At that point, Kim and Nuno knew that we would create a video that would be special and memorable to their heart!

What could have been a rainy morning turned out to be such a gorgeous day for Kim and Nuno!  While getting ready, they were both very anxiously awaiting for everyone to come together to witness their big day.  The bride requested us to capture the clock tower at the historic Hart House at the University of Toronto, once it struck 8.15, which symbolizes her love for her favorite show called “Once Upon A Time.”

As the string trio began to play, we knew it was time for that special moment to come!  We thought it was adorable when two of their flower girls walked down the aisle with a banner that says, “HERE COMES THE BRIDE.” =)  It seemed like Nuno was really anticipating this moment and when he finally saw Kim, he was just in awe!  Their marriage was blessed with such amazing family and friends and we could really feel their love, which made their day a joyous one!!!

Overall, their fairy tale came true, which resulted to a happy ending!  Capturing their story was such a true joy to witness.

LaPointe Productions wish Kim and Nuno all the happiness, joy & love in their future together!

- Bryan & Liezel

Nadira & Doron | Wedding Highlight Reel (Mississauga/Richmond Hill)

LaPointe Productions

Sorry for hiatus with our blog posts…we have been blessed to have had such a busy and amazing 2013!

Nadira & Doron’s wedding was a 2 day event filled with happiness, joy and love!!!

As we stepped into Nadira’s well manicured backyard, we were totally amazed to see the Mandap where the Bride and Groom exchanged vows to one another…it was surrounded with colourful decorations and gorgeous flowers!  We loved the fact that there was a lot going on in one day…it all started when the tassa band members were hitting their drums so loudly, which obviously caught our attention, as Doron and his family were welcomed by Nadira’s family with warm hugs and kisses.  As Doron entered the Mandap, Nadira’s mom led him to a special seat…we knew it was time for Nadira to show her presence, next!  It was our first time seeing Nadira (she didn’t want us to capture her getting ready) and we thought she looked absolutely stunning!

We were very attentive capturing their traditional Indian wedding ceremony and we loved every moment of it!  We thought that their Hindu ceremony was absolutely beautiful =)

The next day, Nadira & Doron had their Catholic wedding ceremony in Richmond Hill followed with a lavish reception, which was held at the Grand Metropolitan of Mississauga.

We were truly blessed to document Nadira & Doron’s Hindu & Catholic wedding ceremonies!  Although both cultures are worlds apart, the unity of happiness, joy & love shared by family & friends is the common bond that we really wanted to illustrate in their cinematic highlight reel.  Both days were filled with a lot of laughter, love and emotion!

We were extremely happy to have met Nadira & Doron and both have expressed their appreciation towards the quality of their wedding video and final product of their DVD’s!  We wish Nadira & Doron all the best for the future!

Happiness, Joy & Love,

Liezel & Bryan