Sometimes, the most innocent of ‘Social Experiments’ can produce a spectacular result.

With both bride & groom anxiously awaiting to exchange their vows, all there was left to do was for Jill & Dustin to meet by the clock tower in the grand lobby of the Fairmont Royal York for their ‘first look’.


With perfect weather and atmosphere for the day, it was beautiful to shoot the couple against the historic backdrop of The Distillery District, which is located in the heart of Downtown Toronto. ‘LOVE’ was everywhere you looked and it was reflected in smiles of family, friends and the congratulations of people passing by!


The wedding ceremony took place at the elegantly staged Airship 37 and was officiated by our good friend Jim Emerson from Enduring Promises. It’s always a pleasure working with a great officiant!

Of all of the vows we’ve captured, Jill’s vows were some of the most touching we’ve heard and she really struck a chord when she said, “I just know that this is exactly how I want my heart to feel, all the time…”

…and we think that’s a pretty good way to be, undeniably, unequivocally! 😉

We’re extremely happy that they choose us, LaPointe Productions, as their cinematographers/videographers to document their special day!!!

Wishing Jill & Dustin all Love, Joy & Happiness in the world!

– L & B

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