Nancy & Fahad | Graydon Hall Manor | Toronto

LaPointe Productions

I couldn’t believe that Nancy is all grown-up and found her prince charming!  Her older sister Michelle and I were in a couple of classes together in elementary school.  I remember the time when I saw Michelle and her little munch-kin sister Nancy playing with each other and wished I too had a younger sister.  We all grew-up in the same neighbourhood for more than 25 years.  Wow, time has truly flown by so quickly!!!

Fast forward to Nancy & Fahad’s wedding day, we knew that both had a busy day ahead with two wedding ceremonies in one day!  One was held at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Scarborough and the Muslim ceremony was performed in a beautiful setting in Graydon Hall Manor, which was built in 1936 in Toronto.  Although they are from two different religions, we wanted to highlight the one thing they had in common in their video, which was Nancy & Fahad’s love for one another!

We were extremely blessed when the rain finally stopped, which gave us an opportunity to capture a few moments of Nancy & Fahad together as “husband and wife” outside in the luscious green garden at the back of the gorgeous estate.

It’s such a great feeling to know that Fahad will take great care of Nancy.  We wish them both the very best in their marriage together!

Happiness, Joy & Love,


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