This is the story of Mary + Hugh’s 50th Wedding Anniversary….who just happen to be my Aunt & Uncle!

We made the trip up to the cottage to be with the rest of the clan and decided to make something out of the days events…food, fun and a whole lot of celebrating!  We figured that bringing our cameras would be a great way to capture and document their 50th Wedding Anniversary!


Aunt Mary & Uncle Hugh were extremely surprised when they’ve opened a gift from their loved ones, which included tickets to Scotland!  We’ve received Facebook updates, while they were in Glasgow, to inform us that they’ve renewed their vows where they originally got married 50 years to the day!

Together since they were teens, Aunt Mary & Uncle Hugh have truly been a shining example of what love can grow to be =)


We truly wish them many more years of a long lasting marriage!

This video is a great reflection of happiness, joy & love!

Love you both!!!!

– L & B

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