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This is a piece from part of a special series for the ‘NEW WAVES’ festival, a part of LuminaTO 2010.

The concept was to display much like we would think of a virtuoso violinist, the unique sounds and environment of the ‘unlikely’ virtuoso…

This is a piece on Nicholas Kennedy from Trip Print Press

The way it was presented to a live audience was in a progression:

30 seconds of the clip (audio only)

60 second clip (audio only) along with a dancer on stage doing choregraphy inspired by the audio

60 second clip (audio only) with a musician who wrote a piece based on the audio, with the dance choreography

The piece would then be performed one last time with video. This time revealing the virtuoso’s occupation and of course accompanied with the live dance & music to create a whole new Virtuosic City.


This clip is what was shown to the audience.

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