LaPointeProductions_Website_ReviewPix_JanetTighWe are very grateful that we decided to hire Bryan and Liezel of LaPointe Productions. Our wedding video is greatly valued and will be for many years to come. Watching it was a wonderful way to relive our wedding night and Bryan and Liezel captured every detail and heartfelt moment. From tears to laughter, amazing memories were made and we are so grateful to have a remarkable video to reflect this. We have shared it with many friends and family and can’t wait to show it to our children some day 🙂 Bryan and Liz were amazing people to work with and definitely helped add to the ease and stress free feeling during the day. Many of our friends have shared their fondness of our wedding and how great it looked, a sentiment we clearly shared. We highly recommend the services of LaPointe Productions and would surely use them again in the future where we could.  – Tigh

LaPointeProductions_Website_ReviewPix_LoriAChoosing LaPointe Productions to capture our wedding day was one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made! Bryan and Liezel are extremely professional, hardworking, conscientious, and passionate about their work. They quietly captured all of the day’s highlights and transformed them into an incredibly high quality video that we’re proud to show off to our family and friends.  Bryan and Liezel do more than just record the day’s events… They’re truly able to capture all of the emotions associated with it! Watching the final product magically allows us to re-live the best day of our lives – making us laugh, cry, and smile all over again!  We highly recommend LaPointe Productions! You can trust Bryan and Liezel to do a phenomenal job of capturing your once-in-a-lifetime moments.  – Lori

LaPointeProductions_Website_ReviewPix_JandLWe LOVE our video, it’s perfect! LaPointe Productions captured our whole day and we can’t thank them enough for doing such a great job!!  – J & L

LaPointeProductions_Website_ReviewPix_DKMy wife and I selected LaPointe Productions and what a great a decision it turned out to be. Bryan and Liezel exemplify how professionals should conduct business with their clients. Prior to the wedding, they listened to all our requests and suggestions and created a sense of trust with us. We felt comfortable, easy-going and happy throughout the preparation of the whole event. On the wedding day, it was as if we were not celebrating with our videographers, but rather, our friends. We believe it is imperative to be personable and enthusiastic about what you do, especially if you are in the Videography industry. With that said, LaPointe was right in the middle of everything. They organized themselves wonderfully with our photographers and other vendors, which can ultimately become tricky, given all the equipment that is carried and moved. LaPointe captured all the important moments, pieces and people from the preparation to the ceremony to the reception. Their style is also very unique yet adaptable at the same time. The quick cuts, video quality, delivery and final product were perfect. It was also great that we could show our relatives from overseas the wedding teaser/mini clip. I would definitely recommend LaPointe Productions to anyone looking for a REAL and artistic-driven production company. Thanks again!!!  – Denise & Khalid

LaPointeProductions_Website_ReviewPix_DJBryan & Liezel were so great, from start to end! They made the experience a lot of fun for my husband and I, and we could not be any happier with the final product. I’m both laughing and crying all over again, each time I watch the DVD and that’s how I know they did such a great job :). What makes them stand out from many other cinematographers is their amazing ability to tell your story in such a unique way.  We love you both for all of your hard work in capturing our day in the most perfect way!  – Daniela

LaPointeProductions_Website_ReviewPix_AT02LaPointe Productions were phenomenal to work with!  During our wedding day they put us at ease, and we hardly noticed having them there. They weren’t disruptive or distracting during our ceremony and worked well with our photographer so that everyone could get the shots they needed.  Our highlight reel has brought tears of joy to total strangers, let alone our families! Our parents were so proud to share it with all their friends and family. Our friends were also very impressed with the quality of cinematography and editing skills.  We would highly recommend LaPointe Productions!  – Erion

LaPointeProductions_Website_ReviewPix_MG_TeaMy husband and I would highly recommend LaPointe Productions without any hesitations. Both Bryan and Liezel are simply put, professionals at what they do and are so much fun to work with. From the day we met, they showed us all the different services they provide with different price points with no pressure what-so-ever. They showed up at our rehearsal (they didn’t have to) just to scope out the church, discussed details with us and the Priest, basically preparing for the big day. On the wedding day, they were promp and ready to go at our house, the church and the reception hall. The best thing about Bryan and Liezel is that while they were there, no one really notice that they were there so our guests were all very natural and relaxed. By the way, if you think they were lugging around a 1960’s video camera with a big microphone, you are wrong. All they had was a regular camera, so our guests all thought they were photographers !! Make no mistake, while they maybe invisible to us and our guests and carrying around what looked like a regular camera, the final product is everything we asked for and more. They were able to capture all the special moments, facial espressions, tears and laughter that we didn’t see on that day. It was like watching a movie, not your typical wedding video at all. We were able to email the wedding ‘teaser’ (like a movie trailer) to our friends and family within weeks of our wedding and the reactions were incredible. We were able to email to relatives overseas who were not able to make it and the overwhelming response was ‘it was like we were there’. Of course, the next would be the final wedding DVD and we were just speechless at the professional quality of it all.. like watcing a movie. They are just superstars and we hope that all wedding couples will have the good fortune to have the opportunity for LaPointe productions to capture all the beautiful memories of their wedding day, like they did for us. They are very busy so we recommend that you book an appointment to see them as soon as you have a wedding date set. Good luck!  – Mae & George

LaPointeProductions_Website_ReviewPix_NRWords can’t possibly describe how wonderfuly Bryan and Liezel captured our wedding day. They are dedicated professionals with talent and passion. The end result can only be summed up as “magical”. Our Wedding Video was an epic storytelling that we are blessed to be able to relive for the rest of our lives. It brings tears to our eyes and smiles to our faces.  – Rod & Nathalie

LaPointeProductions_Website_ReviewPix_BabyLaPointe Productions did videography for the birth of our son. They did an amazing job. They were very professional and accomodating at the same time. The end result was fantastic with everyone commenting on the quality, unique style and creativity of the video. You can tell that this is something they are passionate. LaPointe Productions captured the true essence of our very special once in a lifetime occasion!  – Mitch