It was such a delight to have met Ida and Jovan, who were referred by Angie Choi from Eyekahfoto!

Ida, who works in the television industry, knew that she could trust us, LaPointe Productions, to do the job well! She mentioned during the initial consultation that she was able to recognize the professionalism and expertise that we put in our services by viewing our on-line work and acknowledged that cinematography/videography was an important part of the documentation of her big day with Jovan.


Fast forward to the day of Ida and Jovan’s summer wedding, we were very impressed with their choice of venue as we drove to Peter and Paul’s The Manor, which was very lush and stunning to see. We finally got to see Ida as she was getting ready for her big day! Once she put on her wedding dress and slipped on her shoes, we knew that she was ready to say “I do!” with her big smile on her face! As for Jovan, we knew that he was filled with anticipation and very excited for their first look!

When Ida and Jovan saw each other for the first time, there was tears of happiness coming from both, especially Jovan, who couldn’t keep his eyes off his bride-to-be. From that moment, both really wanted to start this new chapter of their lives together.

Their outdoor ceremony was just beautiful! Once again, Enduring Promises who officiated their wedding, did an awesome job.


The reception was filled with emotion and lots of dancing all throughout the evening, you couldn’t stop either side of the family from hitting up the dance floor!

Ida and Jovan also really put to use our famous Video Testimonial Booth and found it was a good way for their friends and family to provide advice and well wishes to them. We were very impressed to see a lot of their guests put the testimonial booth to good use.


We wish the bride and groom the very best and hope that their future together is filled with lots of happiness, joy and love!

– B & L

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