Sometimes, all it takes is a single moment to change the course of our lives, Roxanne and Marvin are no strangers to this.

Having initially met in school 6 years prior when Roxanne turned around in class to ask to join Marvin’s group for a project, little did they know that it would be the beginning of something much greater.


They were truly blessed to have amazing weather for their fall December wedding with the backdrop of the Toronto skyline providing an absolutely picturesque setting for the day. After getting ready in the morning at the stunning Thompson Hotel, they were whisked off to St. Anthony’s Catholic Church for the big moment. With the groom taking in a deep breath as his bride to be walked down the aisle with her parents, they were all set to finally become one in front of their beloved family and friends. It’s always special to see couples share in their cultural traditions such as the Filipino custom of the cord and veil, their sponsors seemed to take great pride in sharing the ceremony with Roxanne and Marvin.

After their vows to each other we returned to the Thompson rooftop to capture them as husband and wife. Truly happy and clearly in love with each other, we couldn’t ask for a better backdrop to show off the newlyweds as the sun set on the city.


At the reception, they were introduced for the first time as man and wife to a room full of applause from all in attendance. You couldn’t help but cheer for them both as they just seemed as they were meant to be together for the rest of their lives.

We are truly honoured to have been able to capture a genuine love between a couple like Roxanne and Marvin, brought together by a single moment, bound to spend the rest of their lives together in love.

All the best for many years to come from us at LaPointe Productions!

p.s. the rooftop at the Thompson Hotel was the perfect place to capture our breathtaking city scape for our 2015 Holiday Video!

– L & B

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