Jazel & Angelo | Chateau Le Jardin | Toronto/Woodbridge

Finally…after many years of dating, Angelo wanted to plan the perfect proposal for Jazel!  They went on a trip with their friends to the west coast and Angelo figured that Hermosa Beach (California) would be the perfect spot to pop the question.  As they escaped from their friends in order to have that alone time with another…the sun was setting and Angelo thought that it would be an awesome moment to go down on one knee to ask his one and only to be his wife.  Jazel was totally surprised and said “YES!!!”

Fast tracking to their big day in which it took more than a year to plan and prepare…Jazel and Angelo were very excited for this day to come!  As I walked into Jazel’s hotel room at The Royal York in Downtown Toronto, she was just at ease, sitting patiently as she was getting her hair and make-up done.  At once, she had the time to read her letter from Angelo…it was that perfect moment to capture Jazel being totally emotional and reflective.  At times, I find it very difficult to continuously shoot away because for some reason, I would like to say a big “AWWWW!”  after each sentence or when the bride tears…but of course, I had to be strictly professional and keep my emotions within.

FYI: Stills came from Video

FYI: Stills came from Video

As for Angelo reading his letter from Jazel, he choked up here and there…trying to keep his tears within.  This would be the beginning of an emotional day for the two of them.

Their wedding ceremony took place at St. Mary’s Catholic Church (Bathurst and Adelaide).  As always, we LOVE to capture the groom’s reaction as his lovely bride walks down the aisle.  Angelo was overwhelmed and a few tears were flowing as the gorgeous bride walked slowly towards his way!  As Jazel’s dad guided her hand to Angelo’s, it was the perfect way for them to be reunited on their special day!



Both were very lucky to have such beautiful weather, especially for their photo taking session which took place at Humber Bay Arch Bridge (south of Lake Shore Boulevard West).  It was very difficult to capture the wedding party all at once, since there were too many pedestrians and bicycles using the bridge for their daily workout regime.  But we’ve managed to have that moment when it was just US on the bridge, so we just “recorded” away and provided quick directions to the wedding party before another batch of pedestrians came our way.


Jazel and Angelo’s reception was held at Chateau Le Jardin in Woodbridge.  As we stepped into the foyer, it was absolutely stunning!  We remembered a huge heart made out of red roses…it totally stood out and made the place look even more breathtaking!  Their wedding party helped organized the cocktail event by handing out pretty give-aways and ensured that most of their guest had a shot or two to get their night started!

Towards the end of the night…everyone seemed to be having an awesome time, since lots of people were on the dance floor!  The whole experience with Jazel and Angelo was truly amazing…and to end it off, they’ve told us that we did a great job and felt like we were part of the family…also, they’ve felt extremely comfortable with us from the beginning to end of their big day!  We recalled Jazel giving us a few disclaimers via email before their wedding, saying that she might be shy in front of the camera but she made herself looked natural and effortless on their wedding day!

Although Angelo’s parents and Jazel’s best friend Abby could not physically be there, that we felt their energy and spirit throughout their special day!

We wish Jazel and Angelo the very best and we “THANK!” them for selecting us to document their big day =)

Happiness, Joy & Love,

Liezel & Bryan

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