Janet & Tigh – Wedding Highlight Reel (Arva/London, ON)

Janet & Tigh’s wedding was held at Janet’s family farm in Arva, which has been in the family for over 4 generations with their family having farmed the surrounding area for more than 200 years!


We knew that Janet & Tigh have been planning their wedding for more than a year.  Everything went smoothly due to the help of their family and friends.

As Janet slipped into her wedding dress, she was just glowing…I (Liezel) was completely speechless and thought she looked absolutely stunning!!!  I wanted to tear while I was shooting away but obviously I had to keep my composure in order to capture the right moments.


It was very difficult for Janet’s Dad to keep his tears in, especially when he saw his only daughter in her wedding dress for the very first time. We’re not sure how many times he cried on their big day!!!???


The flow of tears were just “contagious”…Tigh was filled with a lot of emotions, as Janet walked down the aisle with her father.  We both knew that Tigh was also counting the days for this BIG DAY to come!


The day was just right…the sun was shining so bright during their wedding ceremony and the union between both family and friends brought a lot of positive energy and love, which added up to a beautiful and emotional day!


Overall, their celebration was filled with happiness, joy and love and it seemed that their guest had an amazing time on the dance floor!


LaPointe Productions had an awesome time & we wish Janet & Tigh the very best =)

Happiness, Joy & Love,

– L & B

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